Prayer Requests

In Loving Memory
 Father Raul Alberto Valencia Garcia
1959 – 2020

You can submit prayer requests to and they will be posted here in the appropriate month.

Prayer Requests Received in April

Will EverettHospice10762
David ArensDeceased10762
Lawrence MackelDeceased10762
Tony LoMonacoHealth14230

Prayer Requests from March

Peggy & Joe CalabroHealth15704
Jim OctuerHealth15704
Dan SullivanHealth15704
Ed KenyonHealth15704
Sylvester McFerrenDeceased6848
Lauren NielsenHealth8077
Max, Nikki JimenezHealth8077
Mike ContrerasHealth8077
Julie KeavenyHealth8077
Victor ChavezDeceased5133
SK Lou StrugallaDeceased5133
Monica CastilloHealth14139
Monica MontesHealth14139
Lind & Bob HowellHealth14139
Daniel NoriegaHealth14139
Al TucketHealth9380
Will EverettHealth10762
Dick GoddardHealth10762
Art B GrantHealth
Spencer JohnsonHealth
Todd PonderHealth

Prayer Requests from February

Will EverettHealth10762
Herbert DunhamDeceased10762
Dick GoddardHealth10762
Maria SeymourDeceased10762
Ann PennisiHelath10762
Alice RigneyHealth15704
Peggy CalabroHealth15704
Mike OrtizHealth15704
Ray Jo KouashHealh15704
Loretta BoncynskiHealth8077
Mike ConnellyDeceased8077
Todd PonderHospice13272
Rev. Raul Valencia GarciaDeceased7646

Prayer Requests from January

Will EverettHealth10762
Lisa CraigHealth5542
Jackie MainoHealth8077
Jim MainoHealth8077
Andrew CarpenterHealth8077
Dan SullivanHealth15704
Frank JuniHealth15704
Todd KrugelHealth13272
Tom ShelbyDeceased10441
J.T. ShelbyDeceased10441
Mike ConnelyHealth8077
Maureen ConnelyHealth8077
Max JiminezHealth8077
Sue HaberDeceased15376
Anita CurranHealth8077