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    Prayer Requests from October

    Frank Herrera SrDeceased6848
    Nick Romano, FDDHealth
    John Rooney, PGKHealth5133
    Conrad & Luisa Greer FDDHealth5133
    Nadia & Carlo AlbanoHealth13272
    Mary FacianiHealth13272
    Deaon Bill BuhsDeceased6933
    Richard MendozaHealth13272
    Louis VallettaDeceased14230
    Rose MicallefDeceased14230
    Linda & Bob HowellHealth14139
    Cecilia RodriguezHealth14139
    Tom Kato's NephewHealthSD

    Prayer Requests from September

    Tom Metzger, PGKDeceased10441
    Fr, Greg JonesHealth10762
    Deacon BillHealth6858
    John RooneyHealth5133
    James LammsrelDeceased13272
    Fr, James McDsonHealth8077
    Deacon Paul DuckioHealth11855
    Cecila & Ruben RodriguezHealth14139
    Dorie ZimmermanSon Deceased15704
    Fred Guthrie, FDDDeceased6848
    Nadia & Carlo AlbevioHealth13272
    Mary FacianiHealth13272
    Dominique LeFaiveHealth13272
    Kingman Family13272
    Helen ReynaHealth8077
    Chester De SantisHealth8077
    Zimmerman FamilyWife Dorie Deceased15704
    Ray ObralHealth15704
    Phil TreinenHealth15704

    Prayer Requests from August

    Albano FamilyHealth132782
    Mary FascianoHealth13272
    Greg & Pam GervaisBr in Law Deeased8077
    Michael MerclsrDeceased8077
    Loreto & Norma SanchezHealth12345
    Gala EverettDeceased10762
    John RooneyHealth5133
    SK Fred GuthrieDeceased6848