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Prayer Requests from June

SK Richard BrietenbachDeceased10762
Tony PennsiHealth10762
William Bookenhealth10762
Susan Wesco (sister of Charles Beaty)Deceased10762

Prayer Requests from May

James LitelHealth8813
Jacqueline LeclairHealth8813
Terry BuinoHealth and personal8813
Patti HillDeceased17715
Tony PennisiHealth10762
Chela MarshHealth10762
Bob MessengerHealth10762

Prayer Requests from April

Michael GarrisonDeceasedBrother of Rick Garrison. SES
Steve BucherDeceasedBrother-in-law of Sean Halpain, IPSD
William GorskiDeceased8077
Jeff WildDeceased8813
Theresa CoteHealing14230 (Vassallo)
Bob MessengerHealth10762