Tucson Catholic Men’s Conference

The Tucson Catholic Men’s Conference took place virtually on Saturday November 7.

If you were not able to attend,  you can watch a recording of this conference on-demand by going to https:.diocesetucson.org/mens-conference and following the on-screen instructions.  Please feel free to share this link with your brothers in Christ so they can benefit from this year’s conference as well.

You may submit your questions or comments to tucsonmensconference@diocesetucson.org.

We look forward to seeing you next year on November 6, 2021.

Capilla De Virgin De Guadalupe Restoration – Need Helpers

Hello Brother Knights,

                I am Christopher D. Gates RN, BSN, AA, AS, AGS.  I have been given a blessing to renovate a chapel devoted to and carrying the name Of our Blessed Mother.  This being said we are stretching our efforts to help the church gain more parishioners by making her capilla more attractive.   We need anyone who can paint, throw fleck on epoxy, clean, do electrical work, help construct a stucco entrance, do floor sanding.  The altar area will be a pearlescent white finish with silver fleck, the ceiling needs paint and some woodworking.  If you feel a call to bless Our Lady with your efforts we would love to do it with you.


Christopher D.  Gates RN, BSN, AA, AS, AGS